CORE NORTHWEST Mediation Services serving communities of and near Kenora, Fort Frances, Sioux Lookout, Red Lake and the remote NWO First Nations of Treaty 3, 5 and 9.


Talking and respectfully working through conflict is a healthy way for any couple to move forward.  Some choose marriage/partner counselling to assist, or programs to guide them through stressful times in their relationship.  Mediation offers another respectful way to deal with couples in conflict.

Step by step and conversation by conversation, couples can participate in an active, respectful, productive process to deal with the issues causing conflict. The first step is to be brave and ask for help. 

When the conflict is bigger than the couple can manage, sometimes a couple decides to end the relationship. In some situations, the intense emotions of hurt, mistrust, bitterness or anger can make the ending very difficult to work through, especially when contentious custody, property, criminal or other legal issues exist.

In mediation, a couple can work through the ending of their relationship in a respectful, less expensive manner involving a mediator.   Both parties can create a mutually acceptable agreement with a mediator. 


One of the most profound human things you can do is talk to someone, instead of about them.

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