Born and raised in a strong, close-knit family in the Maritimes, my parents taught me the values of tolerance and openness to all people. They taught me to try to think about and understand other’s viewpoints. They also taught me to use my common sense, use my brain to ask questions about life and people,  don't put God in a box and to seek out wise (and humorous!) people.  With that, I’ve also learned there are two sides (or more) to every story and that EVERYONE HAS a story.

Formal education began in a two room school house in York PEI, then to Fredericton High School, University of New Brunswick, Dalhousie and Lakehead University.    Professional work has included teaching in Pikangikum FN for five years, child/substance abuse prevention, child/family services, 15 years with criminal court victim/witness services, working in over 25 First Nations and communities in NW Ontario and teaching all grades as an occasional teacher in the Kenora area.  

Some of my greatest life learnings have been taught around the family table, around bonfires, in kitchens, faith communities, sweats and from my children.   I've  backpacked in five continents, sometimes solo, with friends or with my spouse and children.  I still have so much to see and learn in this life.  We all do and we've got today to start.

The biggest goal of CORENW Mediation is to help people get to the CORE of a conflict, figure out what to do with it and how to move towards resolving it.  That's why I named my company CORE Northwest. It also stands for Confidential Objective Realistic and Effective, the pillars of this business.  I read over and over that 80% of conflict can be resolved through mediation - through TALKING to each other.  Not always easy but so worth the effort.

Remember this....

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.   Albert Einstein                 

Mediation can be your opportunity.

Isn't it time to get conflict moving out of your life?

Life is too short to carry the burdens of the past, the stress or anger of the present and fear of the future.        

Ask yourself this.....

"How would I feel if this conflict was dealt with, talked about, worked on, MOVED OUT of my life?   

Getting to the CORE of the conflict and working to resolve it together.

CORE NORTHWEST Mediation Services serving communities of and near Kenora, Fort Frances, Sioux Lookout, Red Lake and the remote NWO First Nations of Treaty 3, 5 and 9.